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Low-Dimensional Geometry and Topology:
Discrete and Algorithmic Aspects

poster minimal surface Institut Henri Poincare

Local information

Location. Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), in the center of Paris, Hermite amphitheater.

Access. See maps below. The closest public transportation stops are the following (see general maps of public transportation in Paris):

Some speakers are staying at Hôtel des Mines, 125 boulevard Saint-Michel (to go there from the airports, take RER B to Luxembourg).

Some students and posts-docs are staying at FIAP, 30 rue Cabanis (to go there from the airports, take RER B to Denfert-Rochereau). Here are some ways to reach IHP from there:

Strikes. Some SNCF (French railway company) strikes are planned June 17-18 and 22-23.
A wild guess is that the proportion of trains running may be around 50% (local trains, and the North of RER B line, from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris) or 75% (long-distance trains). Going from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris via RER B might, in addition, require changing train at Gare du Nord. Alternatives for going from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris include taxis (and buses).
Parisian buses and metros are run by RATP, and thus unaffected.
The Air France strike on June 23-26 is cancelled (strikers are on strike?).

Hotels. Participants are responsible for finding their own accommodation (unless specified otherwise by email, e.g., for the speakers, some students, and some post-doctoral students). IHP maintains a list of hotels. Another possibility (in particular for students and post-docs) is to try to stay at FIAP, the same place where the students and post-docs whom we support financially are hosted. Please check directly with FIAP; individual reservation is possible on their website, and rooms are available at this date of writing (March 12).

Restaurants. IHP maintains a list of nearby restaurants. Meals are not provided (except for the students and post-docs supported, who will have breakfasts and dinners at FIAP).

Coffee breaks. We are planning coffee breaks in the morning and before the afternoon session.

Weather. Typical temperatures are around 17-24°C / 63-76°F during the day. Expect generally sunny weather and occasionally rainy days.


Institut Henri Poincaré (where the lectures take place)
FIAP residence (for the students and post-docs whose accommodation is provided)
Hôtel des Mines (where some speakers are staying)
Note that the only campus entrance is the North one, rue Pierre et Marie Curie.
campus map

Acknowledgments. This school is funded by the Bézout Labex. We also gratefully acknowledge support from Institut Henri Poincaré. The image at the top of this page is a Chen Gackstatter surface created with 3D-Xplormath.

Contact. geomschool2018sep2listessep1univ-mlvsep1fr.

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